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President of National Coalition “Smoke Free Kazakhstan” ex-Minister of Health of Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Malany Johnson, thank you very much to you and to the staff Canada's Way for the good organization our classes. Modern methods of teaching, warm, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom give hope and confidence to us in successes. We have good opportunity to know more and more about fairly Canada. To my opinion, contribute to your teachers, who not only know, but also possess good modern English. Sincerely yours, Talapkali.

Уважаемая Мэлани, примите мою искреннюю благодарность персоналу Canada’s Way за хорошую организацию занятий. Современная методика обучения, тёплая, непринуждённая обстановка на уроках дают надежду и уверенность в скорейшем овладении языком. На занятиях мы имеем возможность узнать много нового о вашей прекрасной стране, Канаде. Этому в значительной степени, по моему мнению, способствуют ваши преподаватели, которые не только знают, но и владеют современным английским языком. С уважением, Талапкали.


Zara M. – University Graduate, Teacher of English. 

I express my gratitude to the “Canada’s Way” and especially to my teacher Victoria from Ottawa, Canada, with whom I’ve been practicing English for almost 1 academic year. My main objective was to improve my English and teaching skills, because I am an English teacher, but due to my family circumstances, I haven’t been giving English lessons for 8 ears. So, initially, my aim was to find a native English teacher with a pedagogical diploma and experience. My teacher had both of them. I began from the very beginning. We’ve reviewed grammar and vocabulary; discussed topics, which I had already learned and the topics that were new to me like business negotiation and vocabulary; painted out the strategy to follow and the aim to reach. In classes I have plenty hand out materials. We’ve covered lots of useful word expressions, phrasal verbs and implemented into active speech. I learned a lot from my lessons trying to follow all the recommendations on behalf of my teacher. I found every lesson useful as I’m not only a student but a teacher too. I’m pleased with the result that I have reached. For those who are in search of English coerces I do recommend to take this one.


 Danny – high school student

My name is Danny, I am student, studying in 56 school, I have been learning English with Canada's way company with Mila Jonson for 8 months and for this time i found out that program is really interesting and productive. You can make out so quickly, I especially like that there are different directions phonetic, grammar, vocabulary. If people come here they will stay for a long time from 5 months to 9 months, because the program so productive and interesting. I had lessons personally, now I am learning in a mini group 4-6 people the both experience are so cool. Business part it also, important for me. If I meet someone from foreign countries I’ll not have some problems or fear to speak English. Now English like my own language. If need really perfect language came to us and u saw, how your lever so high with Canada's way.


Мусахмет Ембергенов - IT manager of International Company 

I have known Victoria since November 2012. I addressed her to help me with my IELTS exam. At that time my score was 4 points. We had individual lessons 3 times per week for 4 month. And in May 2013 I passed the test and got 6 points. I’m very grateful to her that she helped me not only to pass the test but to really improve my English. My English has improved considerably. Now I can communicate at work freely with foreign partners, read texts without a dictionary, watch English movies and CNN or BBC world news and everything is clear to me. My teacher Victoria is a very responsible specialist and a good kind person. I was able to overcome the fear of speaking English because we had so much speaking practice during lessons. She also can so well and clearly explain the grammar of English language. She always corrected me and reminded of the peculiarities of pronunciation and the usage of words. Thanks so much you have changed a lot in my career and life and made a big impact on my future.


Bogdat - Student of the Swedish University




Dear Victoria I would like to thank you for my knowledge and to tell about myself. Hello everybody. Now I’m a student of the second year of a Swedish University. Without Canada’s Way courses it would never be possible. In order to enter the university I had to pass IELTS test but I had very little time left. I had 4 month and I didn’t even have a pre-intermediate level at that time. Of course I participated in an individual intense program and in 4 month I was able to reach intermediate level and got score 7 on my test. Bogdat




Saadat & Ainura - Representative office Ferring pharmaceuticals SA

Саадат Миргиястинова -Representative office Ferring pharmaceuticals SA in RK chief accountant We have been studying in the Canada's way more than a year. Our English has improved markedly during this time. We think that is due to the professional approach of our teacher Melanie. Time flew by unnoticed in the classroom, because it was very interesting and exciting. Our classes are never finished on time. Melanie Johnson has always given us some of his personal time to help with all questions of our classmates. We paid a lot of attention to the intonation, pronunciation when reading and talking. It is always better to do with native speakers. The student who use English courses offer quite attractive prospect rapid career rise or enrolling in prestigious foreign universities and secondary schools, with a rich vocabulary and phrasal verbs of knowledge of English. Do not miss this great opportunity and make us English courses here!

Мы учились на курсах английского чуть более года. Наш английский язык заметно улучшился за это время. Мы думаем, что это произошло благодаря профессиональному подходу нашего преподавателя Мелани. Время пролетало незаметно на занятиях, потому что было очень интересно и увлекательно. Наши занятия никогда не заканчивались вовремя. Мелани всегда уделяла нам часть своего личного времени, чтобы удовлетворить все вопросы наших одноклассников. Мы уделяли много времени интонации, произношению при чтении и разговоре. Несмотря на то, что на английский был на высоком уровне, мы открыли для себя много нового. Это всегда лучше делать с носителем языка. У студентов, обучающихся на курсах английского языка, открывается довольно привлекательная перспектива стремительного карьерного взлета или возможность поступления в престижные заграничные высшие и средние учебные заведения, имея за плечами такой речевой багаж. Мы рекомендуем вам - не упустите такую замечательную возможность и закажите курсы иностранного языка здесь!



“To my mind it's very important to bear in mind that people learn differently. In all my years of language education I've never progressed with local courses. Canada’s way forces me to go further.”









My name is Akhmet. I am ten years old. I am a school boy. I have been learning English in “Canada’s Way” company with Mila Johnson or more than six month. For this time I’ve got good knowledge of English language. The programmer from Canada is great. It is not just one book or two books, it’s the whole package of grammar, vocabulary, phrasal words, dialogs and so on. I know grammar; I can use grammar in my speech. I know Perfect Tenses, Much many, make and do and so on. I can retell the text easily. I also can read text with a beautiful intonation. I like to write composition. I learned a lot of new words and use them in my speech. I like to learn with Mila Johnson because she is professional teacher. Our lessons are very interesting and different. I am happy that I came to learn English with this teacher and with this company.